Peer Leaders and Mediation

Three Stick Figures, Two in disagreement and one mediator in the middle

Peer mediation is a conflict resolution approach where disputants have the chance to sit face to face and talk, uninterrupted, so each side of the dispute is heard.  After the problem is defined, solutions are created and then evaluated.  When an agreement is reached, it is written and signed.

The trained Peer Mediator is the outside third person who leads the process.  The Mediator does not take sides and keeps all information confidential.  Peer Mediation is a skill that involves good communication, problem solving, and critical thinking.

Conflicts between students are a part of daily life in schools.  Conflicts that are most common involve:  name calling, rumors, threats, and problems within friendships and relationships. 

Sometimes we need a more structured place and the help of a Peer Mediator to resolve our conflicts!

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