How is one student’s laptop identified from another student’s?

Each device will have an asset tag linked to the school’s database. Each carrying case will also have an ID tag attached to it, which should stay on the exterior of the bag at all times. No additional permanent markings of any kind (stickers, engraving, permanent ink pen, tape, etc.) shall be placed on the device or it’s carrying case at any time. While the devices are issued to students, they are still district-owned property.

Will the laptops ever leave the building?

Students can take their devices to and from school each day. All students must have an Acknowledgment of Receipt of the Student 1:1 Device and Guidelines signed by themselves and a parent before they may take their device home.

My child forgot to charge their laptop before school. Now what?

Students are expected to bring their laptops to school fully charged each day.  If their device is not charged, they may be able to charge in the classroom; however, if this is a continuing issue, they may need to keep their laptop at school.

When a student must take it to another location, how will they carry their laptop?

Laptops should never be transported while open as even gentle handling can damage the screen. Laptops should be safely closed and placed in their travel case before they are taken from classroom to classroom or to and from school.

When/Where should a student store their laptop when not in use?

There are times during the school day when students do not need access to their laptops, including lunch, Phys Ed, assemblies, etc. During these times, teams will designate areas for students to store their laptops.

What login will students use to get into the device operating system?

Students will each have a school-issued user name.  Students can change their password, but they cannot change their username.

Will unsafe or inappropriate websites be filtered on the devices?

We do our best to ensure your child’s online experience is safe. Before each device connects to the internet, it must pass through cloud-based district network filters. This happens whether the device is browsing on campus on school-owned networks or off campus using another WiFi router that is providing the internet connection. If your child is using the laptop at school, at home, or at a public library, it will always pass through our web filtering and network firewall system before they can see or access web content. Our web filters are programmed to block inappropriate content as much as possible, however, we recommend parental supervision.

What happens if students have been visiting inappropriate websites?

The district meets all federal and state requirements for content filtering for schools. However, some websites are not blocked or are able to bypass our filters. Browsing histories cannot be deleted by the students. If you observe any inappropriate web activity, please contact school administration. Inappropriate web browsing is a violation of the district Acceptable Use Policy and may result in disciplinary action.

Can the district track web history?

Yes. The district can track information about what sites students were on, when they were on them, and how long they were on those sites. Students should only visit sites that are approved by the district and those that are not in violation of the Acceptable Use Policy. Violations of the policy can result in disciplinary action, including the student being suspended from using the school network and their device.  In the event of an incidental violation, students should inform a school administrator or teacher.

What happens if the device is damaged?

Students and parents will be responsible for district-owned technology property that is issued to them, just as they are for other district-owned items such as textbooks, calculators, cameras, athletic equipment or library books. If the laptop is damaged (liquid spills, damaged screens, etc.) or has technical issues, please bring it to the designated area in your building to be evaluated and receive a loaner if necessary.  All repairs must be performed by authorized personnel within the district. 

What happens if the device is lost or stolen?

If the device is lost or stolen, please report the incident to the school principal within 24 hours. The principal will then work with the school resource officer to investigate the incident.

What if another student damages my student’s device?

Any damage to a Laptop should be reported immediately to a teacher and principal. In such cases, circumstances will be investigated by school administration. School discipline policies will apply if it is suspected to be an intentional act or act of vandalism.

How would you go about repairing a laptop that is not functioning?

If a laptop is not functioning, it should be brought to the library to exchange for a loaner. All repairs must be performed by authorized personnel within the district. 

What applications are already available on my child’s device?

Different applications will appear on student devices depending on what grade the student is in or what classes they are enrolled in. For instance, a student in a 8 th grade class may have different applications on their desktop than a student who is in 5th grade.

Can students download apps?

Yes, students will have limited access to downloading apps based on what is made available by the district.

Can you print from the devices?

Students cannot print directly from their device at school.

Can the laptops be used offline?

Students can still use their laptop without WiFi, but in a limited capacity.  Some applications will work offline, but content saved to the device will not be backed up online until an Internet connection is available for the device.

Can other family members us the laptop?

When a student is logged into the laptop, parents may use them for such things as to check on student work, view their browsing history or connect with teachers through our PowerSchool parent portal or via the student's email.  Laptops are not intended for personal use for students or their parents.  Please remember that there is not expectation of privacy when using a district device.

If my child already owns a laptop, can they use it at school (instead of the issued device)?

No, our school board policy prohibits students from using their own devices during school hours.